Virtual Office 虛擬辦公室

If you're looking for a professional business address without the associated costs of committing yourself to an office, then we have the answer... Virtual Offices.

Our Virtual Offices offer you our center prestigious address, a dedicated telephone number answered in your company’s name during business hours, a general fax number plus all the services, infrastructure and facilities supported by our highly trained and dedicated team members. Our team will assists in handling your mail, fax and courier needs too.  We offer the following Virtual Offices Packages to suits your business needs and budget:

1.     Mailing Address Only

  • This service provides you with a full-time business address for incoming mail, which may be collected or forwarded to an alternative address of your choice.

2.     Mailing Address & Shared Telephone Number

  • This service enables your business to utilize our main Business Center telephone number and address for all incoming telephone calls and post.
  • Telephone calls are answered in the Centre name only and not in your company name.
  • Messages can be collected or forwarded via email.

3.     Mailing Address & Dedicated Telephone Number

  • This service provides you with a dedicated telephone number for your business, where all incoming calls are answered in your company name by our reception staff.
  • Messages may be collected or forwarded by email. Alternatively, this number may be diverted to any mobile or landline number of your choice.


Virtual Office 虛擬辦公室




1。 專人代為處理電子郵件

  • 此服務由專人代為收發各式電子郵件,依您所需,並協助代為收集或轉發到其他網址。

2。 主要的應答方式係由逸科亞商務中心作主線電話號碼和郵寄地址

  • 此服務由逸科亞商務中心的主線電話號碼和郵寄地址為主要的應答方式。
  • 來電接聽會統籌由逸科亞商務中心接待,並不會以貴公司名稱作來電接聽。
  • 電話訊息可以透過電子郵件在第一時間寄發至您的信箱中。

3。 主要的應答方式係由貴公司作主線電話號碼和郵寄地址

  • 此服務為您的企業提供一個專屬電話號碼,我們的接待人員對於所有來電均以您的公司名稱做為回覆應答。

  • 電話訊息可以透過電子郵件在第一時間寄發至您的信箱中。您也可以選擇將來電轉接至您的其他市話及手機上。