Service Office Suites 全方位服務式辦公室

Located within the heart of the Hsinchu city, EQUVO Business Center gives you the convenience and easy access to Hsinchu Interchange, High-Speed Rail station and, Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park.

Along with the strategic convenient location, our 5 professional yet functional Serviced Office Suites are equipped with furnishings, offering you the most conducive working environment for your business.

Our fully furnished Serviced Office Suites vary in sizes, from one-person to six-person suites, to cater to your requirements. You can choose the suite to fit your needs and, without any fuss, you can increase or reduce the space you require to meet your changing business circumstances.

All our packages are tailored to include high-speed broadband Internet access, utilities and 24-hour access to the business center, which allows operation at any time of the day.

And as our valued client you will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated receptionist, a welcoming reception area for your guests, spacious meeting room, clean pantry and well equipped business service areas providing binding and laminating machines, facsimiles and colour photocopiers.

: 時尚、彈性的辦公室空間,以迎合您的工作型態。在您專心經營事業的同時,逸科亞商務中心能以下列優勢,支援您的營運與行政管理需求:

  • 鄰近新竹科學工業園區,優越的地理位置。
  • 完整的IT、電信、郵件與管理人員支援。
  • 全天候大樓管理服務 : 內含冷氣空調、電費及大樓管理費。
  • 包括來電接聽和通話管理。
  • 會議室和視訊會議可享折扣優惠。
  • 即刻進駐
  • 足夠的停車空間,以滿足訪客的需求。