About Us 關於我們


EQUVO Business Center was founded in Taiwan with the aim to provide businesses effective and high quality solution without having to sacrifice professionalism and prestige. With this aim in mind EQUVO Business Center provides office space, meeting and video conferencing rooms, and even virtual office services.

We are a subsidiary of EQUVO PTE LTD, a Singapore headquartered company with offices in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and US.

By bringing together state-of-the-art communications systems, fast Internet access, high-tech office equipment, ergonomically designed furniture and professional staff, EQUVO Business Center is committed to providing solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes and stages, by helping them conduct business where and when they need to.

Whatever the requirement EQUVO Business Center is able to exceed your expectations. You can expect flexible solutions and consistently reliable standards from start to finish.

We hope to meet you personally at our center for a tour and welcoming you and your corporation as our Future Valued Client!

逸科亞商務中心成立於台灣,目的是為提供您和您企業更有效益和高品質的商辦中心, 提高您和您企業專業和聲望。逸科亞商務中心提供辦公場地,會議和視訊會議室,甚至虛擬辦公會議服務。逸科亞總部設於新加坡,目前在台灣,日本,香港,韓國和美國皆設有分公司及辦事處。

藉由最先進商務基礎設施,高速網路提供,高科技辦公設備,符合人體工學設計的辦公家具和專業工作人員,無論何時何地, 逸科亞商務中心可提供您和您企業商務解決方案,滿足您和您企業於各種不同狀況及階段的需求。

自始至末, 逸科亞商務中心能夠超越您的期望, 提供您更有彈性和可靠的商辦中心服務。